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Performance Improvement Suggestions

If you experience any game slow downs, the following suggestions can improve performance significantly:

* Press F5 in game to toggle Crowd on/off (*)
* Press F12 in game to toggle Radar on/off
* Press F11 in game to toggle Score on/off

(*) recommended - provides biggest improvement

Linux Sound Issues

Awesome Soccer Linux Version Some Linux users have reported a sound related problem when running using the OpenJDK Java JRE (together with PulseAudio).

We are actively working on resolving this problem, however using the Sun version of the Java JRE can resolve this problem until this time.
(Download here:

Java Heap Problems

Some Mac and Linux based systems (depending on the Java JRE version being used) may occasionally experience a Java Heap/Out Of Memory issue.
This problem can be resolved by increasing the amount of memory available for use by the game.

Awesome Soccer Mac Version Mac Instructions
(1) Right click on the AwesomeSoccerWorld2010 application, and select "Show Package Contents".
(2) Open the Info.plist file in your text editor, then change the entry
<string>-Xmx512m</string> to be

Awesome Soccer Linux Version Linux Instructions
(1) Amend the file to read:

java -Xmx600m -Djava.library.path=lib -jar AwesomeSoccerWorld.jar

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